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This is the Official Website of the Belfast Knights, ‘The Black and Yellow’, Ireland’s longest running American Football club, founded in 1993.

The Knights have been All-Ireland National Champions 3 times; Winning the Shamrock Bowl in 1997, 1998 and 2002.

In 2017, The Knights made the move from their birthplace, Woodburn Field, Carrickfergus Rugby Club, to Belfast. They now play at Malone RFC.

If you are interested in playing Football (regardless of age, experience or ability), sponsorship, helping the team out in any way or even just showing your support then please get in touch. We love hearing from you, and we’re always glad to welcome new Knights to the family


IAFL North Champions 2017
IAFL North Champions 2011
IAFL North Champions 2010

Shamrock Bowl Winners 2002
Shamrock Bowl Winners 1998
Shamrock Bowl Winners 1997

Belfast Trojans Charity Cup Winners 2011
Belfast Trojans Charity Cup Winners 2010